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In all of the great head-to-head competitions in history, there has to be a winner. No matter whether it's Coke vs. Pepsi, Ford vs. Chevy, Alabama vs. LSU, or Tastes Great vs. Less Filling, someone has to win, even if it's just by a nose. Within the polymer-framed pistol community there is no greater rivalry between XD and Glock.

Let's break it down:

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Both are reliable, have double-stack magazines, internal safeties, loaded chamber indicators, cocked slide indicators, effective sights, good warranties, and field strip easily for cleaning. Glocks have a Tenifer metal treatment that cannot wear away whereas the XD has a Melonite coating that is very similar but spelled differently. With that, out of the way let's see what makes each better or worse

The Glock's positives

Designed in the late 70s and put into worldwide production in the early 1980s, the Glock was one of the earliest and without a doubt most successful of all polymer pistols. In the past thirty years, they have had a chance to design and redesign their guns and are currently on their 4th generation and counting. To compare a 1st Generation to a 4th Generation Glock is like stacking the Wright Brother's flyer next to a modern F-22 (well, maybe not but you get the point that they have evolved over heavy years of extensive use). This alone puts the XD behind the 8-ball in this match, as the Croatian born HS2000 pistol is less than a third as old and has not been as extensively used around the world. This means that there are more holster and custom options for the Glock, but this can cut both ways, as not all generations of Glocks are the same. For instance, magazines that fit the Gen 1 Glock 17 may not fit the Gen 4 version. The Glock has fewer parts, which means fewer things to break. Glocks tend to be more expensive by a slight margin over XDs in commercial sales but that is because they discount their guns heavily to law enforcement and first responders to make up for it.


The XDs positives

A product of the 21st Century, the XD was born after the Glock had been on the market for nearly 20-years, being a much more advanced gun when it first appeared when compared to early 1st Gen Glocks. The XD has a grip safety, which is an added bonus that Glocks have yet to appreciate. Many report that the stock XD's trigger has a better 'break' than that of their Austrian half cousin. XD's have a more ergonomic grip, placed at 75-degrees, which is roughly the same as that of the classic 1911 pistol and is preferred by some over the 70-degree Glock as a more natural point shooter. The same grip has a narrower diameter, making the XD better for those with small hands. The XD also uses a fully supported chamber. Glocks over the years have garnered a reputation for the occasional firing out of battery or slam firing if a certain list of variables are met and this is an issue that the XD, with a totally different sear design, has not replicated.

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The positive loaded chamber indicator that can be felt in the dark is a selling point of the XD over the Glock for some.

The Winner

Glock vs. XD come down to personal preference. Both are as accurate as the shooter, durable and reliable.

The Glock is a fine pistol that is a premium and excellent choice for any shooter. With its positive loaded chamber indicator, more natural grip, and improved basic design, however the XD is a winner over the Glock for many users.

Hey, the site is called XD forum, what did you expect?
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