Gluck, Gluck, Gluck 23, Gen 3, .40 cal, New to me

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by Pancho_Villa, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Never owned one, shot several.Never got one mostly cause I am too cheap to buy a new one or even a nice used one. But this one came to me just right.

    I had taken a few guns to swap at a show near here last weekend. A couple came by and looked over an old HiPoint 995 carbine I had in 9 mil. They had looked all over teh show for one like they had owned and had to sell. they had looked at new ones and did not like the Tacticool stock on them. They asked about looking at a gun they had cause they were low on $ for the holidays and didn't want to spend anything.

    They had the G23 in the wife's bag. It looke d unfired, but they said they had fired a few mags through it when they got it and just kept it loaded in a drawer. They had more use for the carbine. O.K. I asked what they wanted for the G23. Trade and I give them a bill for their Thanksgiving dinner.

    Anyone else would have jumped on that, but being Pancho "El Cheapo," I had to offer 50 bucks. That woudl nto buy then dinner, so they settled for the carbine and 75 bucks. I COULD LIVE WITh tHAt!!!!!


    Ran a few roundds through it this week jsut to check function and POI. All I had handy was some CCI Blazer 180 FMJs. Shot at 7 yards on a standard Pancho "El Cheapo" pizza box target. Sounded like a reasonable combat range. Gun worked as it should Didn't clean it or anything. Just load it and shoot it. That's the way they should work.This one did. It had all the papers, test cases, cleaning rod, extra mag. I COULD LIVE WITH THAT!!!!!:D


    Gun shot a bit to the left, but that was o.k. and could be adjusted. It shot a bit above the POA, which is more to my liking. The XD Service model I got the same weekend shot a bit lower. Didn't care for that, but I can live with both of them.
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    Dang man.. Sounds like you scored some good stuff at the show!

  3. threetango

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    Looks new, so if you're happy with it that's what counts.

    Should be pretty dependable.
    I have a G36 and G20 Glock.
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    Looks good PV, congratulations !
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    I like it when it's a win win deal.