GOA in Court For Heller II

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    Hmm. Cam Edwards was talking about the DC concealed carry case on his NRA News show this week. As I understood it, the judge ordered the District to stop enforcing its ban against concealed carry rights because it violated the US Constitution. He then ordered a stay of execution of that order to allow the District of Columbia time to either appeal the ruling, or to craft and enact a concealed carry law. The District stated that it intended to craft a CCW law, so the judge took no further action.

    This week, NRA News reported that the District's proposed new CCW law would be a "May Issue" law that would grant total discretion to the Chief of Police, and a permit would be issued only in the event that an applicant could provide a "good reason" to need to carry a weapon. Being a victim of stalking would be considered a "good reason." Living in a high crime neighborhood would not.

    IMO, this whole matter will be back in the hands of a federal judge in less than a year. The politicians have become very adept at wasting taxpayer money.