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I use Winchester PDX for my XD 40 and Hornady Critical Duty for my 9mm.. I think a 45 is too powerful and will go through and through.. Opinions?

nothing is to powerful - if you are on the defense - a fellow member here once said

" send the VERY best " .40 with the right type of ammo it will go through

Fed Hydro shoks - made to go in small - cause big hole

alot of the fellas knows ballistics here :popcorn:

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On the 45 cal.

If you are in a house with people in other rooms you can always use Glasers.


If not in a house here's a suggestion.

Federal 230 gr Hydrashock, a great load that gives plenty of stopping power in this caliber.


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Hydrashock are older tech. They do work but tend to not expand as reliably as the newer HST, Gold Dots or PDX. Safety slugs under penetrate. You can't go wrong with the newer HST, Gold Dots or PDX. Hornday Critical duty works well but it tends to expand less than the other designs.
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