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No TinMan, I'm in north east Washington State. Just a few miles from the Canadian border. The boonies as it were. This town has only one stop light and the police department has only 4 officers.
Oh, what a bummer, the cops are on a first name basis with most of the residents I would imagine. I experienced the small town life when I was a kid and was met at my front door many times by a representative of our small police department when returning home after a night on the town.

Well I'm a bit past the "nights on the town", the excitement now is a walk down the street to the crick to watch the frogs. And being on a first name basis with the cops ain't too bad either when one needs something looked at in the night. The small town rural stuff is one of the reasons I moved to the boonies, of course the hunting played a part as well:)

Front yard:

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