Good Ol Chicago Police

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    The most corrupt city in the United surprise Obama called it home.

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    That pompous *** should read the statistics supplied by the FBI (a far more responsible and respected law enforcement agency than McCarthy's joke of a police force), instead of relying on the Brady Bunch's lying propaganda.

    Last year, concealed carry citizens shot and killed roughly 3,000 criminals. Of those incidents, only 56 - less than 2% - were erroneous shootings (incorrectly-identified persons, ricochets, poor aim, etc). During that same year, police officers shot and killed roughly 1,000 people. Of those incidents, 106 - more than 10% (5 times the percentage, and twice the actual numerical rate) - were erroneous!

    Remind me, again, genius... how much better off are Chicago's private citizens by relying on your police?
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