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Good to be back

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I have been out of service for the past six weeks. I had a heart attack and was in CCU for a week in a chemical induced coma, Than had to have a triple bypass. I am out of the hospital now and on the mend. feeling great and looking forward to summer to start reloading and shooting again. Some fishing too.
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Welcome back, glad everything worked out well for you.
Oh gosh! Man, I'm glad you pulled through it and I hope that you get to feeling better! We are glad to have you back and don't rush running around. Take it easy and do as the doctor says. It's more important that you get better on proper terms than to rush it and have another heart attack. Can't wait to see you shooting again. Take it easy.
What Zeus said Terry. Gentle into it and follow Drs. orders. Glad you are able to at least talk on the forum about your pleasures, given time you can be as active as you were, IF YOU be cautious now!
glad yur doing well , dont look at reloading and ammo cost for awhile , dont need a relaps on things , take care ,
glad your doing well welcome back
Glad you are on the mend. I would do the rehab if your doctor suggest you do so. It will be a good feeling when you are able to discard your close friend, the pillow, when you do that you are over the worst part. Hey I had the same back in 1994, did not follow the doctors orders and had to have stints in 2008, but I consider them just a little bump in the road. Get well......​
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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