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Greetings everyone

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Been a Springfield Armory enthusiast for about 30 years. Worked there that long ago. Been away from firearms for that long. What was I thinking? :machinegun

Last year I got my CC permit and had to have a semi-auto.

I have had my XDMod.2 in 9mm for almost a year and love it. Got in while the extra accessories were being offered free of charge.

Looking forward to joining into the mix.
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Thanks, Tazo. I worked in the telemarketing sales department with dealers in every time zone (me being in CST) which really helped with keeping my day organized. It was a great time learning about firearms, meeting the dealers and listening to their stories and since I was a 10 minute walk to the manufacturing area I would watch everything from receiving the parts to the finished product and then we'd get to go to the outdoor "plate shooting" range on the weekends and try out anything we wanted to.

For the assembly process the machinists took the raw material and fine tuned every slide to a frame by hand before assembly and I firmly believe even today they make one of the best in the business without charging an arm and a leg for it.

Back then they also had Les Baer making their competition and custom guns which was really a treat to see some of the products he would put out. Way over my price points, however.
I should probably add that back then there was no XD line so every thing was 1911 as well as long guns.

Every so often RnD would come up with a new product but they were far and few between.

I just recently picked up a 1911 ROC but really like the look and feel of my XDMod.2.
Thank you, Jerry!! I'm sure I will.
Thank you, 3T.

It was very cool to watch them being built.

P.S. I really like your avatar. Reminds me of Ghost Recon.
Goes with my handle / screen name.
Three doing a tactical tango.;)

If I had worked there they probably would have fired me for hanging out constantly on the build line.
Actually when you had a break or free time, it was somewhat encouraged. Especially for us sales peeps. It would give us more reasons to ensure dealers that they were purchasing quality products for their customers.

Really gave us a lot of stuff to talk about.
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