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    Hello all!

    New to the forum, and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a big firearms fan, but only have a few. Big fan of the Glock... I have a G23 .40 cal that is general purpose conceal carry/home defense. BUT.. there is a local shop selling a used Springfield XD .45 for $399, in excellent condition. Hoping it's still there tomorrow, as I plan on trying to pick it up as a dedicated home defense weapon. I've got a Remington 870 12 gauge that I'm looking to trade for it, and while I know that many people consider a 12 gauge ideal for home defense, I humbly disagree. I find it difficult to maneuver efficiently in my house from room to room and around corners and maintain a comfortable tactical advantage. I would much prefer a high capacity .45 with a tac-light that I can maneuver much easier and fire one handed if necessary.

    I've always liked the XD. I like the grip over the Glock for sure. Not that I hate my Glock, but it is kind of a fatty lol. The XD grip just feels better in the hand. Definitely hoping to be a new owner of one soon. I'll write back and let you all know if I get it! If I don't get one tomorrow, I'll definitely get one later. Too cool a firearm to pass up. :p
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