Gun Companies Stand Up

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by threetango, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Like it also, thanks for link 3T !

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    Oh wow. Very bold move, but a move worth believing in!
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    Kudos to LaRue Tactical.

    Then there are the firearms and firearms related product companies that are located in NY who are bowing down to the Draconian anti gun establishment of the state. They say nothing in the defence of gun rights and continue to fatten the coffers of the NY establishment who would deprive citizens of their rights.
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    I see the boycott of sales to NY as a double edged sword and is assisting Gov. Dumbo in restricting the rights of the citizens while it also has a financial impact on the company that is doing so. IMO, for this to be effective all gun manufacturers would have to boycott the state. Will all boycott? No. Will the gun manufacturers within NY state do so? No. Will foreign companies do so? No.

    I applaud the companies that are standing up for our rights and have contacted several.
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    I applaud LaRue and Olympic for their decisions. Same for Magpul, if they move out of Colorado. We need actions that will really hurt the states that act so irresponsibly. One. Let's see some big companies--Glock and Sig, for example--to follow the lead of LaRue and Olympic, and stop sales to law enforcement in those states. Then we need big boys to pull out of NY, CA, CT, and IL. If Freedom Group moved their Remington, Bushmaster et al out of NY, the loss of jobs and tax revenue would allow NY to show its real commitment to stupid gun laws.

    Springfield Armory bailing on Illinois along with Hi-Point, Colt and Mossberg leaving that would get someone's attention. Even our left wing so-called mainstream press couldn't ignore the reality of thousands of jobs going south. TX governor Rick Perry just made a "move your company to Texas to save taxes" campaign trip to California. Time for the same to the rust belt. Plus, Texas is a right to work state, so those companies could save on labor costs. Surely Colt management remembers that the union almost put them out of business twice over the years. How about a little payback?

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    Some NY'ers have been contacted by an Attorney in NYS who is heading a class action Suite against Gov.A. Como & NYS Bringing a Law suit to the NYS Supreme Court suing the Gov. & NYS in getting the New Gun Ban Law Repealed.? There have been thousands of signed petitions,? Sent to this Attorney.? Let's just hope that this Law gets Repealed & overturned Soon.