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Hello All!

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Hello everybody, Im a new member to this forum. My name is Dave, im from Illinois, just outside of Crook County.
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Welcome aboard Irish Dave! may you find something here that will please and / or stimulate you!
Hi Dave ! welcome to the forum .... I be weary of EVERYone in here ;)
Welcome to the XD from South Carolina and I think Tman meant wary and you have to watch him especially..
Welcome aboard Dave. Enjoy your visits and don't be a stranger.
I like Dave have just signed up for this website. My Name is Sgt Walls US Army Retired/100% disabled Veteran and I am proud to have found a site dedicated to the XD family of handguns. I have the XDs in .45acp and it is my everyday CCW carry choice. I carried a Para Ordnance Wart Hog in .45acp and after seeing, reading, and handling the XDs I knew I had found a replcement for my now weary Wart Hog. Hello to everyone and I look forward to hopefully contributing to these discussions. Thanks to all !!!!!
Welcome from S.C. BigDawg
Well BD, thank you for your service to our country. Welcome to the forum and enjoy you visits.
Thanks for your service and sacrifice for myself ,family and country.
Well fellers I'm back as I was having a problem on my end with logging in. Thanks for all the kind words and more importantly you're all very WELCOME !!!!! I have a couple of friends that since I bought my XDs have went out and bought their own. Like me they love theirs as they are out of the box accurate and very concealable.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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