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A couple days go I picked up pair of XDs 45s from Kinsey's in Elizabethtown. Great prices and great trade in deals from the guys there.

Both were returns from purchasers who were unhappy with the recall and long wait. The shop had both of them upgraded and put them in the used pistol case, so I got two new pistols for the price of used.

I have been downsizing my collection and at the same time making certain I have matching pistols in both locations since we bough the place in Cave Creek 4 years ago.

I took out one of them yesterday and ran 50 rounds through it and was able to keep all of the shots on the pieces of copying paper at 21 feet.

I had a full size XD some years ago that I was not particularly fond of because it did not feel right although I though it shot well. the XDS is really different and a comfortable piece to shoot--even in 45.

I'm looking forward to gaining some wisdom from the forum.

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Good to have you join us.
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