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Hello from Ohio!

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Hi all,

I m from North central Ohio on Lake Erie.

I use a XD tactical 40 at a local club for action shooting. Absolutley love it. It is a custom from Springfield Armory with a trigger that is just crazy smooth.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!!!

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Hello Robb and welcome to the forum.
I'm a XD 40 guy myself, But I have the sub compact and the XDm service. I havent brought home a 40 tac yet, hahaha.

Welcome Robb

Glad you joined us.
robb. hello from the north east part of ohio. how is the north central part doing?
Welcome from Virginia, glad to have you!
welcome to the forum have fun and learn a thing or two
welcome..... Ohio here too lol
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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