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Hello from SE Pa.

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Have owned XD's in the past and decided to pick up the New XDS9 for EDC. So far after 120 rounds through it I can't say a negative word about this pistol. The pic of the target is of the first (unsupported) seven rounds I shot out of this pistol at ten yds. Six in the black and another one at the tip of the mag follower. Not to bad for these old eyes and a brand new pistol.
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Welcome to the XD Firearms Forum Popeye !!

Glad you took my advice to stop by...
Welcome Popeye and that's a nice pistol.
Well Popeye, looks like your eyes are not too bad.

Welcome to the forum. Visit often and enjoy you stays.
Thanks for the warm welcome. Folks . It's good to be here.:tiphat:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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