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Hello from South Eastern ILL

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Only XD I own is XD Service 9MM, Dark Earth in color. Currently an XDTalk member, S/N is TRH.
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Welcome to the XD Forum HuntXFishXRepeat !!
Hi I live near Vandalia IL, is that near you?
Hi I live near Vandalia IL, is that near you?

I believe you are a little further southwest of me. I'm near the Indiana line, Vincennes, IN is just across the Wabash from me.
Welcome comrade
Welcome,,enjoy,,seek answers,,ask question,,or just browse around
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome, glad you joined us.
Hello HuntXFishXRepeat, welcome to the group.

Welcome aboard...hope you enjoy your visits.
welcome to the forum have fun and learn a thing or two
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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