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Hello from Texas

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Looking to pick up my own XD in about two weeks. Still having an internal debate between the XD9 and XD40. Hopefully I can make up my decision soon.
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Hey Nlopez, welcome to the forum. We're really glad you've decided to join us. I'm a big fan of the .40, but I have XD's in both calibers. Great choice either way. What else have you got tucked away?

- t2
Again, they're both great choices. Something to consider, IMO, you will most likely reacquire (get back on) your target more quickly with the 9mm over the 40. That said, there are PLENTY of others here, including myself at times, that carry 40's and 45's routinely.

The bottom line is, whatever you get... practice, practice, practice!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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