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Hello From the Midwest!

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Just purchased my first Springfield handgun. Ordered my XD 9mm Mod.2 on Friday for $454 and am anxiously waiting for its arrival. This is my third handgun. My first was a Rossi 38 special purchased in 2011. Then in 2013 I bought a S&W Bodyguard 380 (which I hated). Just sold that last week. Also picked up a 1000 rounds of Federal American Eagle 115gr for $199 so I can't wait to hit the range!

I live in Central Illinois (please don't hold that against me!) where we just FINALLY got concealed carry last year. I have signed up to take a class so I can get my concealed carry license. In Illinois we have to take 16 hours of training. 8 hours on basic gun education and safety. And 8 on concealed carry. My wife is going to join me for the basic gun glass so she will no longer be afraid of guns. It's not that she is really afraid of them, just uneducated. I hope after the class she'll actually want to go out and shoot. Maybe even get her concealed carry license.

Looking forward to learning from all the experts here...

aka Rob
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Welcome to the XD Firearms Forum Rob !!

...it's always good to have the wife onboard.
Good to have you join us and we like gun pics! :D
Welcome, also a newbie from Illinois. Good luck in classes, not that hard. Been carrying since febuary last year, glad we got it finally.
Thanks. I don't expect them to be that hard. I do expect to learn a lot. The instructor is a good friend of one of my friends. Supposed to be the best in the area (Peoria).
Welcome to the forum. I really don't remember my ccw class all that much but it was easy and very informative, my wife was the same way and took the class with me and it helped get her started on the road to being comfortable with guns. :waving:
Welcome Rob. Glad you've joined us...
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