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Hello, my name is Michael and I just joined this site, I am an active member in the Glockforum.com community. I am looking at becoming a Springfield owner after the first of the year.
I am married to the best wife ever, April (21 years this November 30th) and we have three awesome kids. Derrick (21) is attending the University of Oklahoma and will graduate this spring with his Bachelor's Degree in Pysch. He will be getting married to Stacie on Friday. She also will be graduating this spring from Oklahoma City University with her Bachelor's in Nursing.
Michael (Mikey) is my 19 year old daughter who graduated from high shcool in 2011 with a 4.0, suffers from Epilepsy and currently is not in school. She is focused on her horse riding and starting to become quite the gun nut.
Alex, my youngest (17) is currently a senior in High School and is one of the commanders in his Air Force JROTC. He plans on enlisting with the Army and attending Oklahoma State University (GO POKES) for an Engineering Degree. He also has a love of guns.
I am in Retail Management and currently working for Walmart. My wife stays at home and is the CEO and CFO of the Derksen Empire. :D
I currently own a Gen3 G22 Glock but look to add the XD 40 sub-compact after the first of the year.
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Sounds like a great family audiophile. My daughter is a Psych major, working on her master's with Tex A&M Uni. systeem in south Texas. Currenty a diriector of services and personnel for an area mental health unit. Son is working for the Tex A&M system as an assistant director of marketing and communications in an area shool and has his master's in fine arts. Plans to go on for a doctorate if his supervisors can get im a "free ride" at a bigger school that offers a program inhis field.

Good to hear you will be getting an XD in the near future. I don't have one or even a Glock. Not much of a poly frme gun gguy, but I am adapting slowly. I like old school steel, stainless and wood guns.
Welcome! Don't worry, we won't tell the Glock guys you were here... ;)
Thank you for the welcome. Sorry I have been kinda busy in the last week. As I stated my son got married on Friday (so now I am officially a father-in-law) and then I took my CC class on Saturday.


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