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I'm considering selling a Mossberg 500 cruiser JIC and a XD 9mm service. Together, I hope to make about $700-800 or more. With that I can afford to finally move into the AR15 market!

I don't want a .22LR, I am looking for a .223/5.56 NATO rifle.

Okay, I know nothing more about AR15's than that (everyone has got to start somewhere). Soooo....

1) Are there any respectable AR's in that price range? Do I need to spend a few $100(s) more?

2)I have seen some great bargins in a "Cheaper than Dirt" catalogue, I have never heard of some of the advertised brands. Which ones are not recommended? (Windham Weaponry, DPMS Panther ArmsRock Island Armory, etc)

3) Which brands ARE recommended and why? (please be specific, I hate the, "Cause it rocks!!" response, thanks.)

4) Am I crazy for wanting to sell 2 firearms to get one? :confused: I do own an xds .45 so I am not without an EDC.

Any response will be appreciated, thanks everyone!
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