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Help with new XDs

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I am new to this Forum and I need serious help with my new XDs .45. It is extremely accurate and I want very much to love this gun, but I am having major issues. I've had the light primer strike issue which has improved with a thorough cleaning and heavy lubrication. I still get an occasional failure to go into full battery. I've shot plenty of powerful big bore handguns so my grip and wrist is not the problem. I am also having issues with ejecting a live round by hand. The casing seems to be getting hung up on the extractor as if the spring is too stiff and wont depress enough to let the round come back out of the chamber without an extreme amount of force. I'm wondering if the extractor spring is the cause of both of my issues. I saw a video where someone removed the extractor rubber spring that fits inside the extractor spring on the .45's. (the 9mm XDs doesn't have this rubber spring) Any advise would be helpful.
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Gator J that XD-S is new and Springfield Armory has excellent customer service.
You may need to send it back and normally they will send a prepaid label.
Call them and explain your problem.
You have a lifetime warranty so let their gunsmith's adjust and repair if necessary.

Customer service representatives can take your call Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 CST.
US: 1-800-680-6866
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