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Hi from Texas

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I am a retired Process Control Specialist in power production. I bought my first handgun, a Beretta Nano is 2012. So far 1577 rounds down range. My second gun is a Ruger LCP with a LaserLite. A very reliable 535 rounds shot. My latest is a Springfield XDs.45ACP with a 3.3" barrel. I am very impressed with it although I have not shot it. I have read many glowing range reports on this gun and that is probably the main reason that I bought it.

I am an NRA member and on my first renewal of my LTC (formally called CHL in Texas). My wife is scheduled for an LTC class on April 5th. I love to shoot but my reason for buying these guns is self defense.


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Welcome aboard Ken,hope you enjoy yourself here.
I hope she bounces back soon.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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