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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by quadrill, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. quadrill

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    Went to buy a new concealed holster today and was told by the dealer he did not want to sell me a leather one as the acids and chemicals in the leather will remove the black matt finish on my XD. Anyone heard of this?. I could see long term storage as a possible issue but with common sense.
  2. threetango

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    quadrill, that doesn't make sense as I have leather holsters for my XD's and other pistols I've had for many years and have never seen any corrosion due to the leather. I believe the coating on the XD's are much too good for that.
    Matter of fact have not heard this situation before your post.
    I would ask this guy exactly what it is in the leather that he believes will damage the coating.
    If you are not comfortable with leather there is always Kydex.

  3. SeventiesWreckers

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    I'd agree with ThreeTango. Before modern fabric, & kydex, leather was pretty much it for holster construction. Long term storage in leather holsters isn't recommended, but for daily use they're as good as they always were. I like Galco Gunleather, and would have no concerns in respect to their product taking the finish off my XDM, other than the usual normal wear, or burn you might expect from any holster, used for years.
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    As someone that makes his own holsters now,,ive never had an issue of to which you speak. I also would agree,,LONG TERM storing ur firearm in a holster is not a good idea. Perhaps the wanted to sell you something more expensive,,,
  5. quadrill

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    I agree with all of you but was just checking out what a dealer stated, Also wasnt sure on the matt finish on the XD, Normal wear on a blue gun is just that.. Thanks and the dealer actually tried to sell me soft armor holster for 12.99
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    I would imagine if the holster and weapon were stored for long periods in a damp environment it might have some effect on the guns finish. I have a couple of blued revolvers that have been stored for years in OWB leather holsters with no ill effects. In fact I just carried one of them today under my sport jacket and did not notice any finish deterioration.
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