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Holster For an XDM With a Light?

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Any suggestions? compact light that doesn't extend too far past the front. Open carry is fine. Not looking to pay a fortune for some custom made baby seal skin ruby crusted holster--just something simple, durable, and functional.
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I have a crimson trace LG-746 Rail Light on my XDM-40 4.5, with a Lazermax guide rod laser, and matching IWB & OWB Crossbreed holsters that give me light, laser, and 17 RDS of .40 S&W at the ready. Its a very low profile arrangement for a full frame. For EDC I use an XDM-40 Compact, which is lighter, profiles less, uses the same mags, and can interchange the rail light, if not the laser. Both are Bi-Tone, and a handsome pair ;-)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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