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  1. stevo

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    Over the years I have spend alot of money ($$$) on various holsters for various firearms. My current favorites (for the XD) are the Blackawk Serpa and the Galco horizontal carry shoulder holster.
    I have two of the Serpas, one on a paddle and one on a belt loop system. I know that Blackhawk makes a nylon harness for shoulder carry but I like the feel (comfort, if you will) of the Galco leather harness. I also prefer the magazine pouches of the Galco over the Blackhawk. Both the Galco holster and the double magazine pouches are horizontal carry type. Obviously one cannot always carry in a shoulder rig, that's when I go to the Serpa for waist carry. I have found that, for me, the Springfield Armory mag pouch is ideal. I have tried other moulded ones and leather ones but the Springfield pouch works for me.

    Cheers, Stevo
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the club stevo...I got a whole box of holsters...some I still use, some not so much !!

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    I think one of these days we should have a holster trade or mass sale. :D
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    I make my own along with my own magazine holders,,didnt know it could be so easy. I learned and few tips off the web then experimented from there.
  5. DesertWildman

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    Galco Leather holsters are hard to beat - looks, quality, fit - plus they are made in the USA not too far from me.

    Still, the Blackhawk SERPA models are great for daily use with their single-handed, pushbutton retention systems. Even though there are a ton of reports of unintended discharges when drawing a pistol, using the Blackhawks, I've not seen any regarding returning the pistol to the holster.

    My take is if you practice & you don't release your safety before you fully deploy the weapon, you'll have no issues. I never have.