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As someone looking for his first holsters, if you don't ask how do you find what is right for you? I can see his point, but what else is there to go on? The only holsters locally are the cheapo generic 1 holster fits all. Having pistol with only passive safeties, I want something molded to my gun only.

How I have be going about it... read post, and try to find the holsters that come up the most, the try youtubing it for a reviewer with a similar build and dress. How do you guys go about finding a new holster?

I would rather spend the money on another gun rather than a drawer full of holsters, and wasting money returning holsters that you had to wait weeks to receive will leave you throwing money away and not carrying your gun for lack of holster.

EDIT: I just reviewed my post here, and thought it read as if my questions sounded sarcastic. That is not as I intended. This topic was the main reason I joined. I really would appreciate advice on deciding and ordering a holster so I can get it right the first time. threetango posted about a Talon holster I would like to try, but they are out of stock currently.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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