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In 2012, according to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Justice, some 190,342 firearms were lost or stolen, with the majority of these being handguns. Tragically, most never get recovered which means that it is all-important to make sure that they don't grow feet and walk away in the first place.

This sets the stage for asking just how your own gun is secured.

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Gun safes

Now first of all, we aren't talking about an everyday carry piece or a nightstand gun that is loaded and ready to go at all times. We are talking about firearms that are just in the collection and arent in active use. It's best to secure these, unloaded, in a gun safe or locker that is both resistant to break in and fire. If you shop around your local big box sporting goods stores, typically after Christmas when they have excess inventory that they are likely to reduce to clearance prices, you can often get a basic safe for around $100.

Understand that you can spend easily ten times this amount and still just have a safe that will resist an attack or fire for only an hour or so.

Look for the Underwriter Laboratory fire ratings and burglar ratings detailed in the door starting with RSC (Residential Security Container) and continuing to: B Rated, U.L. TL-15 (Tool Resistant) and higher. This will keep casual kids and random visitors out but won't stop a determined thief equipped with pry bars and drills. If you have kids, it's always better to go with a combination safe rather than a keyed safe, as invariably, the kids know where the keys are kept.

On a side note, if you have your Springer as a "car gun" think about how your car is locked and how/where, your pistol is in your car. Just two weeks ago an Illinois man left his car overnight and came back to find his XDM 9mm was gone. Sadly, he left the car unlocked.

A simple solution

For guns not in current use, one idea is to break down the firearm and store it in two separate locations. To do this, simply break the gun down into its two largest components: the frame with magazine and the slide with barrel. Then store these apart from each other. Unless random children or burglars find where you keep both pieces, and further how to reassemble them correctly, it will do them no good. To further complicate things, you can store the magazines in a third place, ammunition in a fourth, and so forth.

If you aren't sure how to field strip your XD, now is the time to find out:


Trigger locks

All XD pistols come with a free gun lock. Please use it if your gun is not in use at the moment as it can provide a modicum of protection against random theft and little finger. If your gun does not have the lock, contact XD and let them know what is going on, odds are they will send you one. If not, the National Shooting Sports Foundation runs a free safety kit program in all 50 states known as Project Child Safe that can get you a gun lock.

Speaking of Child Safe, the NSSF has an excellent video to show the kiddies on gun safety.


Remember, safety is everyone's job.

If you have a way that you lock up your XD when not in use that we didn't cover, drop it in the comments below.
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