I couldn't resist! What a find

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by zeusGT, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. zeusGT

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    Ok, so I'm cruising through my favorite LGS and I noticed they had this absolutely gorgeous Springfield XDm .45 ACP 5.25 competition handgun. They pretty much let me have my way with it and I couldn't resist taking this beauty home with me.

    I cannot wait to take this baby to the range soon. I have pneumonia and I'm not able to just up and go to the range at this point, but I certainly cannot wait to get there.

    I feel like they gave me a pretty good deal on this unit too. The total cost of this was $799.99. Considering that I see these going for a little under $900 on Armslist and Gunbroker, I feel like I was able to get this at a decent cost.

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  2. CallMaker

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    Hey, great new toy...and who deserves it more than you??

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Lookin' forward to the range report...!!
  4. threetango

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  5. Balota

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    I have one in all black. Very nice to shoot! You'll love it.

    It's a bit big for EDC, but my 9mm is in the shop getting TFO sights installed. Hope to get my 9mm back today!
  6. yogiboobooranger

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    Boy am I envious!! I bought the XDm compact 3.8 45acp because I could not find one of those. Trade ya!:)
    Well anyway, I am looking for one locally and hope to have one soon. Nice weapon.
  7. zeusGT

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    Thank you so much! I absolutely love it. I too cannot wait to go to the range and fire several rounds through it. I've heard nothing but great things about it and know that it's going to be awesome.

    I will agree, that this is a little big for everyday carry, but here in Memphis it may be just right. Crime is way out of control and it's getting worse. It certainly helps when thugs look at the huge 5.25 barrel with a compensated slide and fiber optic front sight that this dad means business and you'd better not tread on me or my family.

    It's interesting that Shelby CO (Memphis) has the absolute highest CCW permit holders than the whole state added together. Memphis by all means is not the biggest city, but it has the most crime than any other county or city in the entire state. Why am I still here? Great question. We are working on a plan and it also depends on where God wants us.
  8. jayson

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    NICE !!! I love it !! It is the exact gun I went looking for but ended up going a different route. I still want one but the cost made choose 2 for a lil more cash lol

    When they FIRST came out they wanted a lil over $900 for them and at the time the XDM3.8's and 4.5s were on sale. For like $150 more I got one of each. A 3.8 in 9mm and A 4.5 in .45ACP. Took a while to decide and was a very tough choice but 2 is better then 1 I guess lol
  9. sandman

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    Very nice, Congrats!! That's a great looking gun.
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    Congrats on your new one !! i like