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    I second that emotion! Unfortunately, our state Sen. Larry Martin, chairman of the subcommittee, is against allowing SC to exercise its right to open carry. I talked with him at length on the phone trying to get him to see the light and fulfill his oath. But he is stubborn and sees his "wants" as priority. So, I passed the following around on the social media sites. Please spread the word to all SC citizens to help bring pressure to bear on Larry Martin to pass the Right To Carry bill on to the Senate for a vote. :cool:

    ATTN: All South Carolina Citizens!
    PLEASE HELP SUPPORT Senator Lee Bright's proposed
    Right To Carry Bill S-115!

    We ALL need to call SC State Senator Larry Martin. He is determined to go against the people on Right To Carry, even though those who elected him demand it. He told me on the phone that he would not vote for Right To Carry. He is knowingly and willfully breaking his oath! Our own governor stated that she is willing to sign the bill to reinstate our rights! Call Larry Martin and tell him you demand that he speak for we the people that hired him!!!
    Business Phone (803) 212-6610
    Home Phone (864) 878-6105
    Business Phone (864) 306-2126
    Cell Phone (864)-230-5208

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    Agree, and passing on.