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I need help figuring out how to adjust my sights

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i have an Xd.40 and at 24 feet it shoots about 2 to 3 inches low with 180 grain bullets and at 50 feet it seems like it shoots about a foot and a half low or more is there anyway to adjust this without having to aim over the top of the target im using tru dot Night sights if any one has any ideas i would appreciate it im a first time Xd owner and i love my Xd it is also a full size Xd not a subcompact:confused:
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Are you new to shooting? There is a nice chart, as a base reference.


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Try vise sighting it,,follow the round all the way to the target if it shoots left u go left if it shoots right go right,,u have to follow the round
im an experienced rifle shooter

Im an experienced rifle shooter i havent ever been taught how to properly shoot a pistol or been trained with one im just mostly shooting how it feels best to me and the problem im having is the bullet drops 6 inches at 50 feet and was wondering if i can adjust the sites up or down it is perfect left to right it is just the bullet hits 6 inches low at 50 feet im also not sure what the effective range is supposed to be so that would help me to figure out the bullet drop but that is mostly my problem is just how to adjust it up or down with out having to hold above the target does the bullet weight make that big of a difference in the drop and if so then i need to go back to 165 gr bullets or find a 180 gr that it likes better maybe i hope this helps you to understand my problem better
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I'm no expert but it sounds to me like flenching. You expect it to shoot and your body naturally pushes the gun and your shots land low. Some training and dry firing will help fix it.

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