If You Are "Made"

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    Good advice there. This is not much of a problem for me as most of my carry is with a purse. The purse makes me look like a harmless old geezer and solves a lot of problems about being "made" as no one ever looks in the purse of a doddering old male. :)
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    1. man purse

    A rather large, usually canvas, bag aka purse, made especially for men.
    Cuz hey, guys need something to carry their shit around in too.

    Here, Hanson, put this in your man purse.
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    close close to my hip -

    i dress accordingly to what ever environment my wife forces me to attend
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    I wear it the same every day, I'm sure people might have seen it but never had anyone say anything. I went out to dinner with the girlfriend while wearing a shoulder holster and took my jacket off. Couldn't wear my jacket all night. No one even stopped to ask me about it and actually only one person was giving me a weird look. I think that if you get all uncomfortable about it, that makes the situation more suspicious.
    Now I wear it in the small of my back under a shirt everyday
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    I don't mind being made. If people see it then they are less likely to mess with you. Just make sure you carry legal.
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    "Being made" can get you dead. Do a little research on the Eric Scott shooting at the Costco store in Las Vegas, NV. Scott's legally concealed weapon was spotted by the store's "Loss Prevention" specialist, who immediately dialed 911. The store was evacuated, and Scott was shot and killed by police while exiting the store. A coroner's inquest found the shooting to be "justified."

    A rough description of the event can be found here: http://pjmedia.com/blog/gunned-down-in-vegas-what-really-happened-to-erik-scott/

    I watched the entire inquest hearing and saw/heard all of the sworn testimony, so I know that the information in the article is not totally accurate. It is close, however.
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    Very interesting. Thanks for the post.
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    ITs called Satchel!!!!!