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Breaking into your house.

Some good ideas in this article.
Add your thoughts on what to do.

Be sure it’s over
2. Secure the other man’s weapon
3. Call 911
4. Ignore the media
5. Call a “Criminal” attorney
6. Tell your lawyer the complete truth
7. Never change your story

You may have just shot an intruder breaking into your home. Don’t assume that he is the only one trying to break in. Rick’s advice was to get low, turn off any lamps near you and look around to make sure that the intruder is alone. There was at least one instance where an accomplice who was located outside the home who took a shot at the homeowner after he had disabled his partner-in-crime.
When you are sure that it is safe to do so, make sure that the other man’s weapon is out of his reach. Try not to touch it with your fingers.
Call 911 as soon as possible, but only after you are sure that it is safe to do so.
If anyone in the news media shows up, don’t tell them ANYTHING. Today’s news media has a bias against gun owners and have been known to distort the facts in such a manner as to make gun owners look guilty of a crime just for protecting themselves. Also, in the excitement and stress surrounding an incident like this you may say something that could be used against you if it ever gets to court.
Call a “Criminal” attorney. You are not a bad man or woman because you just shot someone who was trying to hurt you or to steal from you, but you will probably be treated as one. You need to have an attorney who knows his way around this kind of incident. This is not the time to call your corporate attorney brother-in-law.
Tell your lawyer the complete truth no matter how bad it might make you look. It is always better to the truth now before you have to later under oath.
Once you have decided what the facts are, never ever change your story to make yourself look better or possibly to impress your friends, etc.
Before you get your nose out of joint, states and cities that have looser gun laws also have much lower violent crime statistics. There are many statistics available that prove this statement.

The Glaser Safety Slug bullet will stop a bad guy and not hit a friend on the other side!


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I heard a saying once, that every bullet you fire has a lawyer attached to it.

It makes you think.

And these are things we all need to think about before we end up in a situation that may require that 3-5 pound pressure on the bang button.

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