Impact Guns threatens to leave Connecticut

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    Come on down, that's what I'm talking about ! [​IMG]

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    Good post but the reporter missed, this is my comment to the article. Please tell me if I'm wrong .

    "Hey, PTR," Perry posted on Twitter on Friday. "Texas is still wide open for business!! Come on down!"
    The Connecticut law bans high-capacity ammunition clips of the kind used in the December school shooting and adds to the firearms covered by the state's assault-weapons ban.
    A second Connecticut gun company, Stag Arms, a maker of AR-15 style rifles, is also threatening to leave the state. The companies are being wooed by officials from gun-friendlier states such as Florida and Arkansas, as well as Texas.

    Corrie MacLaggan, You missed one ALASKA's Gov. S. Parnell has also invited those displaced firearm / firearm accessory makers to move to Alaska as a very firearm and second amendment friendly state ( just a reminder we are Constitutional carry, NO PERMIT REQUIRED!)