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Yeah, don't speed or give the finger to the HP. :D

This is what I get from the Missouri gun laws.

From the Missouri State Patrol FAQ’s
www.handgunlaw.us 7
Question Does a person carrying a weapon in a vehicle also have to have a permit for the gun?
Answer: No. A weapon may be carried anywhere in a vehicle, even concealed on the person, under the vehicle exception.
571.030. 1. A Person Commits the Crime of Unlawful Use of Weapons if He or She Knowingly:
(1) Carries concealed upon or about his or her person a knife, a firearm, a blackjack or any other weapon readily capable of lethal use
(3). Subdivisions (1), (5), (8), and (10) of subsection 1 of this section do not apply when the actor is transporting such weapons in a nonfunctioning state or in an unloaded state when ammunition is not readily accessible or when such weapons are not readily accessible. Subdivision (1) of subsection 1 of this section does not apply to any person twenty-one years of age or older transporting a concealable firearm in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle, so long as such concealable firearm is otherwise lawfully possessed, nor when the actor is also in possession of an exposed firearm or projectile weapon for the lawful pursuit of game, or is in his or her dwelling unit or upon [business] premises over which the actor has possession, authority or control, or is traveling in a continuous journey peaceably through this state.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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