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It’s Official! The Glock 43 Single Stack 9mm Is Here!

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I can't say that Glock has any products that warm the cockles of my heart. I have owned a couple but happily they are now living somewhere else. :waving:

Honestly, I've never been a Glock fan either. I'm not a big guy, and the Glock grip has typically been too big for my hands. The gen4's have adjustable back straps like the later model XD's. The issue for me with the later model XD's is the pronounced aggressiveness of the grip. With that, I got really interested in the G26 gen4. It's definitely on my wish list. Meanwhile, Glock came out with the G42 (.380). I've handled and shot one. Caliber aside, it feels a lot better in my hand than either the XDs or the Shield. From everything I've seen, the G43 has the same overall footprint as the 42 with the exception of a slightly longer slide. So again, I look forward to handling and firing one...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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