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Amen Brother...!!


To the editor — A gun is a tool, an inanimate object. It is neither good nor bad. That lies in the hands of the person using it.
The shooting in California is unfortunate, but it is a mental health issue. The parents of the murderer called police on their son. Deputies interviewed him and found him fit and didn’t order a mental health hold and apparently missed the video he uploaded.

So, I ask, why do they keep blaming a tool that we use to protect ourselves and our families? Even if guns vanished overnight there would still be evil in this world. Compare the USA to most other countries, comparably we have less crime and less murders because we have the right to defend ourselves with guns. In China you cannot own a gun, but they have had mass attacks on children with people armed with knives and in other attacks with bombs.

What do you choose to defend yourself with, a politician’s promise or a gun?

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