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I see your new avatar.

Here's some things to think about.

  • They are light-years faster in the dark than any other sighting system. People who say “just get night sights” instead of a laser simply haven’t compared the two sighting systems side by side when shooting under stress and on a timer. If they had, they’d prefer lasers, hands down.

  • They are far easier on multiple targets in the dark. Transitioning from one target to another to another is very simple and very fluid. There’s no added time to settle down on each target — just bang and go.

  • On moving targets, especially on moving targets in the dark, they are faster and easier than any other system. Singles or multiples, if the target is moving, it’s just flat out easier with a laser. Again, no comparison is possible. Very few people have had opportunity to shoot movers in the dark, but take my word on this one: if you want to hit something that is moving, and if lighting conditions are less than optimal, the laser is absolutely the way to go.

  • Under stress, lasers let you do what you instinctively want to do: keep your eyes on the threat.

  • You can stay nearly 100% behind cover while using a laser and be assured of getting your hits.

  • You can shoot from all kinds of contorted, awkward positions using irregularly-shaped cover (like real life objects rather than range equipment) and still hit what you want to hit.

  • In all but brightest daylight, lasers are faster and easier on moving targets. They’re also incredibly fast and intuitive when you and the target are both moving.
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