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Since I am a 100% disabled Veteran and have duly registered this info when signing up for this site why am I not able to access the Law Enforcement and Military forum ? I am simply asking as when I tried to view the forum I was told I was not authorized to access the forum so I am just asking as to why this is. Not meaning to start an argument nor cause anybody any grief here just looking for info. Thanks !
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This area is a restricted area, for Military and LE personnel, for access you must request it to an Administrator.

If you would like Access, send me a PM
Also BigDawg when you pm Glock 26USMC request a premium membership and XDForum decal due to your disability, it's free and has benefits.

glock26usmc I don't have a clue as to how to send a PM so I am requesting permission to access the Military and LE forums. Thanks !

PS: Also tango3 I have already received the decals and I believe I have the membership you mention. I really don't know or understand all this but I do think I have the membership.
BigDawg, I took the liberty to change your settings, so you now have access into the requested sections of the forum.
Thanks !

havusa Thanks !!!!!
Thanks Havasu

Thank you for your service to this country BigDawg
Thanks to all here ! I appreciate each and every member here and Austin has a great thing going here as well. I had one of the recalled XDs' and sent it in and got it back so it's all good once again. Of course I have a backup handgun but the XDs replaced a Para Ordnance .45acp Wart Hog which is a great handgun itself but the XDs fits my hand even better and was a tack driver out of the box. When I say this I mean I did not have to adjust anything and it hit where I shot. These are great sub compact handguns and mine is carried daily in an IWB Crossbreed holster which also happens to be the first and last holster I will have to buy for my XDs. The Crossbreed is the most comfortable holster I have for IWB carry though I did go to the local pharmacy and buy a couple of sheets of moleskin and put a double layer on the back of the holster. Hope everybody has a great day !
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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