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Left Needs a Lesson in Realities of Gun Use

Written by Tad Cronn

Amid the push to further restrict guns, liberals have seldomstopped to investigate the facts of gun crimes or the practical effects of thelaws they propose to chip away at Second Amendment-protected rights.

One study that gun grabbers should take a hard look at wasissued in January, after the Newtown shootings, by the National Institute ofJustice, the research wing of the Department of Justice. The report argues thatso-called “assault weapons” are not a major contributor to crime and lawsrestricting them will not have a substantial impact on gun-related deaths.

The study points out that the types of guns erroneouslycalled “assault weapons” in most legislation are widely owned because of theirusefulness for hunting, target shooting and defense.

They also are rarely used in crimes, the study finds.Further, the sort of mass shootings that draw all the media attention onlyaccount for on average 35 firearm deaths per year.

The NIJ study also calls into question the effectiveness ofgun buybacks, finding that most of the guns turned in were unlikely to be usedin crimes in the first place, and purchasing of new guns often occurs with thecash provided to participants.

Another favorite tactic of gun grabbers, limiting the bulletcapacity of magazines, is also ineffective because ammo magazines are durablegoods and are widely owned.

Like guns themselves, the report can be used for good orill, unfortunately. A close reading of many of the findings shows that typicalgun law bans are ineffective because they don’t affect existing guns andmagazines.

Read closely, the study might make the case for forcedconfiscations in the minds of liberals.

The gun grabbers don’t need any more encouragement toimitate their heroes, such as Chairman Mao. In Washington State, a bill wasintroduced recently to the Senate that would ban sale of semiautomatic gunswith detachable magazines. Regarding existing guns that were legally ownedbefore the law might go into effect, however, the bill authorizes warrantlesssearches of gun owners’ homes.

“In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that waslegally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessingshall … safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the countymay, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliancewith this subsection,” the bill states.

The greatest fear of people who believe in defending theirrights under the Second Amendment has always been that the government, eitherfederal or state, would move to confiscate legally owned weapons in the name of“public safety.”

And every time gun control comes up, the liberals who arealmost invariably the instigators, promise there will be no confiscation.Supporters of the Washington bill say the home-search provision was a“mistake.”

But bills like that in Washington, along with unexplainedfacts like the Department of Homeland Security stocking up on enough ammunitionto fight an Iraq-scale war for 30 years, don’t exactly make citizens want totrust in the government’s good intentions.

With President Obama’s re-election, we seem to have reacheda turning point. Liberals have always tried to chip away at people’s rights.

But the hubris flying around Washington, D.C., andliberal-dominated state capitols across the country seems to have broughtthings to a place where the Left no longer feels compelled to hide itsintentions and barely feels compelled to explain them.

And that place is the one the Founding Fathers had in mindwhen they drafted the Second Amendment.
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