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This is a window from one of the AA flights that slammedinto the towers. Just picture the face that was peering out of that exactwindow in utter fear and disgust just prior to impact.

This is why we waged war on the Taliban in Afghanistan, andwe need our government to allow us to fight instead of being underpaid securityguards in a foreign country. We are there as peace keepers like NATO (not ourmission); we went there to serve lethal eviction notices to the Taliban. Ourpresident has forgot about us and 9/11 and every American needs to get backthat mindset that was so gratefully shown on the morning of September 12, 2001.Every American serving in Afghanistan has nearly been stripped of 75% of theirfighting ability by Obama's new ROE's-- plain and simple he made us peacekeepers during a war, which has killed and wounded many Americans.

Take charge of your country- the White House is NOT centeredon the National Mall for a reason, congress is, because we the people are theultimate power of this country, not the president. We have the power and weneed to make the changes. Our President and political leaders have shown usthey cannot fix anything as America slips into a deeper hole financially,economically, and amongst our foreign foes. History doesn't lie, every superpower falls.... Don't let it be our generation or your kid’s generation thatgoes down as the ones who ruined for everyone.

By: Senior Airman Brian Kolfage


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