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Man Charged With Terrorism For Criticizing School Security

History has shown us that one of the most dangerous thingsan individual can have in a totalitarian state is an opinion. In Hitler’sGerman, Mao’s China, or Stalin’s Soviet Union, it was always the same – have anopinion, go to jail.

What’s completely discouraging is that America is startingto be the same kind of state. People who are using their First Amendment freespeech rights to raise important issues are increasingly finding themselvescarted off to jail, or running the risk that their children will be wrenchedfrom their arms and placed into the state system. A New Jersey motherdiscovered that when she was arrested after reading the Constitution at apublic meeting; and a New Jersey father discovered it when he was interrogatedand police threatened to remove his children after he posted a picture of hisglowingly proud son with a hunting rifle. As too many people are discovering,speech in America is free only if you carry your “Progressive” card

Now, a disabled grandfather in Centerville, Iowa has madethe same terrible discovery — in today’s American, if you have an opinion, youcan go to jail. Brian Davis is currently languishing in Appanoose County Jail,charged with felony threat of terrorism. Did he call a school and threaten toblow it up? No. Was he caught with bomb-making equipment in his garage? No. Didhe call various American universities and try to have a “blow-out” reunion ofall the former 1960s Leftist terrorists (some of whom participated in murder)who are now faculty members teaching our children? No.

What Brian Davis did do was tell his physical therapist thathe was worried that his granddaughter’s school wasn’t properly secured againstgunmen. Davis told WHOtv.13 in Des Moines that “he was making small talk withhis physical therapist, complaining about what he considers to be lax securityat his granddaughter’s school, when the therapist claimed Davis made athreatening comment about going into the school and opening fire.”

According to Davis, he was posing an obvious hypotheticalabout the school’s equally obvious vulnerabilities. “I never said that I wouldgo in there and do something to those kids. I said anybody, any one personcould go in there. Anybody.”

Davis does not have a criminal record, nor does he own agun. Nevertheless, “to protect the children” (the Leftist’s favorite cry whenit comes to decreasing individual rights, opening borders to illegalimmigrants, or raising taxes), Davis’s bond was set at $50,000 cash, an amountso high that this older, disabled, very frightened man, is still sitting injail – just because he expressed an opinion.

This is a very dangerous precedent. It becomes impossible toaddress societal problems if people are too frightened to raise their concerns.It’s apparent from the video that Davis is not some sophisticated Ivy Leaguer,who was expressing a smooth opinion that had been previously vetted by hisattorney. He was a concerned grandfather who made an important point as best hecould.
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