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Mech Tech debuts carbine conversion unit for XD pistols

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Ever seen those groovy kits out there marketed to add an extended barrel and stock to a Glock or 1911 that in the end turns those humble handguns into a compact rifle? Well its XDs time at bat as the same guys which make those are planning to ship a Springer model in coming days.

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Why do this?

Simply put, the longer a barrel is, the more propellant is burned behind a bullet, which in turn, allows it to build speed (velocity). It's not just a theory, but a fact. If you head on over to Ballistics By the Inch, a group of guys who test this concept every day, they found that a 9mm Luger loading gets about 200-300 fps more velocity in a 16-inch barrel than it does from a 5-inch barrel. That velo adds a good bit more energy to the bullet, which is always sweet for performance, mushrooming, penetration and so forth.

Besides this, a 16-inch barreled carbine has a much longer sight radius than any pistol, thus making it inherently more accurate, making 100-yard shots possible with the same ammo.

What's not to love about that?

How it works

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The people over at Mech Tech systems over in Kalispell, Montana have long made Carbine Conversion Units (CCUs) for Glock and 1911 style pistols. These units take the place of the top slide assembly of your pistol, replacing it with a 16-inch barrel and upper receiver.

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Just field strip the pistol, set the slide to the side, add the aftermarket feed ramp, and attach the upper receiver.

Then you can add either a fixed, M4 style, or telestock. The specs on these are below:

Fixed Stock (overall length): 29.75 in, Length of pull: 14.25 in
Telestock: Min. 25.25 in; Max. 33.75 In, Length of pull: 9.75 in - 18 in
M4 Style Stock Min. 31.0 in; Max. 34.75 in, Length of pull: 15.25 in - 18.625 in

Once assembled, the upper doesn't have an extractor so brass ejection is blowback only, and MT cautions that they do not recommend any +P ammo because of this.

They intend to sell models to fit Compact Service, Service, Tactical and all XDM models chambered in 9mm, 40 S&W, .45 ACP. Sorry those of you with sub-compact XD or XDS pistol models; they aren't on the menu yet.

As such, it joins the similar K.P.O.S. G2 P.D.W. Conversion-Kit and the CAA Roni SP1 Kit that have been on the market for some time.

Is it legal?

According to MT, yes, "The CCU is not a firearm and requires no special licensing to purchase. Under federal law (BATFE), it is perfectly legal to install a pistol lower, then remove the lower, and reassemble the pistol."

For more info, you can go right to the BATFE and check it with them.

As far as state laws, Mech Tech has done some research and it looks like the CCU can be configured to be CA legal with a stock (with a host of conditions and you need to have the XD already) but unfortunately due to the Gov. Cuomo's SAFE Act, its doubtful you can use the CCU in New York.

When will it be here?

Back in March of 2014 Mech Tech announced they were working on a CCU for the XD series and by last summer was moving full speed ahead with testing and pre-production work.

Now it appears they are accepting orders. According to their website, they are taking $100 deposits and are shipping soon.
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