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Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by threetango, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. SHOOTER13

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    They are an elitist rabble...half of them own guns, carry guns, or have bodyguards.

    Don't think for one minute they are unarmed...they just don't want to worry about

    armed rebellion when they push US ALL too far...just like the British did in the 1700's.

  2. opaww

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    Its getting close to the day when true Americans will be forced to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of the vile unAmericans
  3. chuckusaret

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    Question is do we have enough people prepared to make that ultimate sacrifice. America today is made up of mostly people who are not able to pour "pea" out of a boot without government help. I also doubt that the 43 million plus presently on the dole would do anything to put their freebies at risk. We also must assume that the past and present Obama supporters will continue to do what ever to continue their support of his left wing agenda. That places us in the minority when it comes to taking back America......I am ready and well prepared.:D
  4. opaww

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    Well that is two of us, and I don't think we will need many more then that to get the job done. If we do I'll get some help from the local boyscouts