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look at one of mossbergs combo's , a 28 or 30 in barrel will do any bird or sport shooting u want, and a slug barrel for the rest of the hunting, or even home defense, just shy away from the rifled slug barrel unless u want to get serious on slug hunting

I agree shanner. I would lean towards the 28" barrel, with a vent rib & double bead and the acuchoke system with at least the full and mod chokes. If the OP is a turkey hunter then add a turkey tube and that should cover most of the bases.
When it comes to the slug barrel, while I personally would never go back to a smooth barrel, I also would say a smooth barrel. That is if the OP just plans on ocasionally deer hunting.
Myself, I use a rifled, ported barrel on all my scoped deer guns. i prefer the nice tight 3" groups [@100 yards] of a rifled barrel over those 6"-9" groups you usually get out of the smooth barrels. At $2.50 cents a shell for the sabots I use it costs a bit more to use, but I feel it is worth every penny. Then again, as you said, I am very serious about my deer hunting.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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