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My XDm

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I love my XDm 5.25 competition

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I went for the XDm 3.8.

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>>I love my XDm 5.25 competition<<

Got one exactly like it. It's become my favorite range gun!
these xdm are a fantastic pistol, you did good here
Here's mine:

Had Springer work it over.
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Nice set. Did you do the stippling and the lower paint yourself on the Glocks?

My subcompact with its friends
Nice pistols
The paint yes, i need to repaint it though the stippling no it was a local place here in dallas that did it.
My XDM 4.5 Inch .45 ACP. With, & without the Viridian C5L Laser/TacLight mounted.

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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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