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From now until Halloween, Springfield Armory has big plans for up to $135 worth of free gear for anyone who buys a new SA pistol.

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This Gear Up Package for the XD-S 3.3 single stack, for representation, includes two flush fit mags and one extended mag with sleeve in addition to the mag pouch. (Photo credit: Springfield Armory)

The program, termed the Gear Up promotion, is a limited time offering that started Aug.1, and runs through Oct.31. In general, owners of newly purchased Springfield Armory pistols (both XD and 1911 style) bought during that time will be eligible to receive three free mags and a mag pouch direct from the factory.

The 15-page (pdf) magazine list that accompanies the promotion includes just about every model of XD, XD(S), XD(M), and 1911 that is in current production. Moreover, it looks as if these bonus mags are platform-appropriate. For instance the Loaded Operator 1911, which comes standard with Wilson Combat ETM mags, will get a trio of those bad boys shipped out instead of lesser generic mags. When you consider that these mags usually run on sale through WC for $35 a pop, you can see how sweet this promo is should you have your eyes on a new Springfield.

Some models have diverse bonus gear, such as the XD-S 3.3-inch 9mm which will get two 7-round flush fit mags while the third mag is a 9-rounder with matching sleeve extension.

To register, all you have to do is sign up at the website above with your serial number and purchase date, and then follow the instructions. Springfield advises a rather standard 8-12 week delivery turn around, but hey, it's free. Using that math, most participants should have their swag in time for Christmas. Should you have a problem you can call Springer at 1-800-680-6866.

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Also, remember that Springfield Armory is also running their Duel promotion all through August. This a no purchase required online contest has a boatload of 10,000 prizes that include gear packages, free XD 3-inch subcompact 9mm pistols, web store credit, and the grand prize which is a private training session with Team Springfield member Rob Leatham in Arizona.

Now that sounds like a blast.
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