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Nevada Politician Uncovers FEMA Plans for “Zombie UFO Crash”Disaster Drill on April 27

This is where all that money that gets stolen from yourpaycheck goes to, a Zombie UFO Crash Drill, brought to you by FEMA and the UStaxpayers.

Opposing Views Broke the story of David Lory VanDerBeek, whois running for Governor in Nevada in 2014. He recently posted a screenshot from the FEMA website of a supposedZombie UFO Crash Disaster full-scale exercise drill planned for April 27th,2013, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

According to his website NevadaGovernor2014.com, theexercise was planned in Moscow, Idaho involving 100 participants. However,after VanDerBeek posted his article about the bizarre exercise, he claims thatFEMA pulled the page down and replaced it with a statement that the informationis now “only available to coalition members.”

He then contacted Sandy Rollins, who was listed as thecontact person for the drill event, with the following message:

Because this drill is supported by federal funds paid by thetaxes of the US people including the citizens of Nevada, you are required toprovide the public with precise information about your activities in thisdrill. I expect you to respond within the week with an email with the detailedinformation regarding the two scenarios mentioned. I also expect the email andphone number of your immediate supervisor. Whether or not you cooperate, I willbe reporting your response or lack thereof to the nation on my television showand youtube channel.

Why is this important? Because it raises serious questionsabout what our government believes about the fundamentals of our human reality.Do the leaders of our nation believe in UFOs and zombies really? If so, what istheir proof? They must have proof in order to spend money on drills? If theyhave proof, they must provide it to the general public? What is the threat? Howimminent is it?

VanDerBeek then wrote on his website:

“Personally, I do not believe in UFOs or zombies and neitherdoes anyone in the federal government. It is quite likely that our governmenthas a created a bio-chemical weapon that can induce zombie-like behaviors inhumans and therefore assist in a mass murder event to promote globaldepopulation without taking the blame.”

Go back and read that one carefully, while he may havebrushed off the very possible reality of extraterrestrial life, he did openlyadmit the possibility that the government would create a bio-weapon with theintent of culling the population.

Whatever it is, these elaborate and cartoonish exercisedrills are being planned and carried out for a reason. It is true that the government loves to throwits plunder into the wind, but when this much thought is put into a project youcan be sure that where there is smoke there is fire.


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