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Never Ending Thread...

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( Just a thread for members to have a place to discuss anything they so desire...)

Good Afternoon All !!

Everyone ready for the weekend...?! :popcorn:
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Good Morning All !!

Hope everyone is doing well this fine Sunday...
Good Afternoon XD Forum....!!
Afternoon Austin !

Nothing here, just trying to stay cool :D
Got to go to the DMV...after four years, gotta renew my Drivers License / Photo

before my birthday next Monday the 22nd.
They had mine on file for the longest but I went down and got a new photo not to long ago so I didn't look 18. With my beard you can tell it's me, but people would look twice at it and give me a hard time.
Like to see that picture....:p
Good Afternoon XD Forum members...
Good Afternoon XD Forum members...!!

Went to the driving range this morning, smacked out two buckets of balls.

Gonna be shooting pool tonight...

Anyone else have plans for today !?
Afternoon Austin..... My weekend started yesterday :)
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