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New Concealed Carry Advertiser Here on XD Forum!

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Just wanted to let everyone on XD Forum know that we're glad to be here and hope to hear from any of you looking for the "Best Holster You Will Never See".
Please click on our ad or on www.kangaroocarry.com and take a look at our website and let us know if we can be of help with your concealed carry needs. We have lots of free video on the site. We're also very proud to be associated with Virtual Tactical Academy www.virtualtacticalacademy.com and with Texas Concealed Handgun Association www.txchia.org and believe that if you choose to carry concealed all three websites have information (free articles and video) that you might find helpful.
Blue Skies,
Austin Davis, President
Kangaroo Carry LLC
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Welcome, looking forward to going over your products.
Definitely interested...
Thanks for your support of the forum..........
Thank you! Our pleasure. We are trying some advertising on different forums to spread the good "Kangaroo Carry" word and appreciate the acknowledgment!
Welcome to the XD Forum !

Thanks for your support !
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