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New member here

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Hello all

I am NJ armerd security guard. Just wanted to see what ammo is recommended to use when you can't use hollow points ?
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Welcome to the forum from deep south Texas. No holly points? Guess you are stuck using FMJs? Reasons?

Guess I would use the ones that were most reliable in my gun.
Only law enforcement can use hollow points but I CAN use hollow points for home defense
Welcome to the forum.

If you are stuck with FMJ bullets you are at a great handicap. Your only real option is to practice a LOT. Shoot accurately and continue shooting until your adversary is no longer a viable threat.

The upside is that you can carry a firearm. Being NJ I'm surprised they don't make you carry a water pistol..............
Welcome to the forum.
What type situation will you be needing an alternative to HP's for, ie: work, home defense , personal carry, target ??
1.) Move from the Socialist Republic of New Jersey
2.) Find another occupation
3.) if #1 and #2 aren't possible...use a big caliber...something that begins with a FOUR

Good Luck...you'll need it !!
Welcome NJ, glad you're here...
A late welcome. Just getting back to this forum myself.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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