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New member!

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I'm new to the group! I've had primarily Glocks last two were 30 and a 27. Traded the 27 in on my new(used) XDs 45. The action and trigger is smoother than the glocks. My xds hasn't had the recall done and honestly, I don't think I'm going to send it in. And if your gripping the weapon properly to engage the grip safety then you shouldnt have any problem with the weapon functioning properly. I noticed that the triggers on the new models with recall done don't feel anywhere near as nice as my xds and really don't want to disrupt that harmony so to speak:) I hope I didn't offend anybody with my opinions above. Absolutely love this xds, it's a sweet shooter! Anyway I'm happy to be part of the group!!
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Welcome to the XD forum.
Welcome grant...
Welcome grant. Enjoy your visits.
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